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Japamala: Red
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Japamala:  Red beads, red tassel, white meru bead


What is a Japamala?

Japamala is a sacred string made of beads, used to help the meditator enter the meditative state, according to

The term Japamala (in Sanskrit) is composed of the word "japa", which means whisper, and the word "mala", which means string or necklace. The japamala is used by Hindus and yoga practitioners. It usually has 108 beads, but there are some smaller ones that can have 54 or 27. You can still have 3 markers between every 27 beads. It must have a "meru" or guide bead and a tassel or ferrule.

The japamala is then a necklace of murmuring mantras, prayers to the deities that helps to reach the state of transcendence in meditation. The japamala used during meditation helps to focus attention, calms, thus contributing to achieving spiritual healing and transcendence of each person.


Energize your Japamala

Whenever you buy a new japamala, you should energize it. One of the ways to do this is through meditation and recitation of mantras, spreading incense around your japamala. Other options can be placing it under sunlight during the day or full moon at night.


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